About Us

Shenzhen BoRun Electronics Co.,LTD is a supplier of USB C HUB, USB C CABLE, WIRELESS CHARGER with Brand Macverin since 2013, strong RD abaility enable us to offer partner OEM&ODM service with considerate MOQ,maybe it was a problem for you before as high MOQ demands while you are planning to develop a new product for marketing trail, but now here we have a team for you. We will be your partners to develop exclusive designs.

Thanks to our engineering, manufacturing, testing capabilities which support us to reduce cost for partners and bring you most profitable product for selling. it made us to get a high reputation in the marketing and we are committed to being the leading USB C hub provider.


Marketing Manager

It is Lucia who graduated from ShenZhen University with Bachelor's Degree in Marketing,since 2014 When I joined Macverin and enjoyed the teamwork and life with my coworkers and mainly responsible for brand building and promotion. Should you need any marketing analysis or information please talk with me.

Account Manager

It is Eunice who graduated from ShenZhen University with Bachelor’s degree in business English, I love English and study different cultures word-wide,since 2013 I joined Macverin I owned professional skills and know how to offer best add-values for customers, I will be here with my team to offer 24*7 Instant service.

RD Manager

It is Paul who graduated from HuNan Engineering Technology university in electronics, I spent all my time to study Apple products and trends because I am a super fan, when I am working in Macverin I always have innovated ideas for new product,it takes more convenience for end users because I know your desires.


It is Gavin who works as the designer of Macverin, I love drawing, music and design, world is so wonderful and I follow my heart to tast all moments, decorate all things with hands and minds, in Macverin we offer you free package and marketing materials design with considerate MOQ, I am your 3rd hands as backup.

As our in-housing Production Line and rich experience of manufacturing, we offer following service available corresponded to your best options. 
OEM:Macverin's standard products but with customized Package or Logo Printed.
ODM:Totally Customized unique design for partners and no owns the copyrights of products to sell if without permission.
Your Outsourcing Factory :Partners offer all materials of products, designs or SOP  and we only work as your outsourcing factory for assembly or if any other extra service you wanted. In this case all will be classified and we could sign NDA.

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