• Is the headset wired or wireless?
    Post time: Nov-07-2020

    Choose wired or wireless headphones, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages 1. Advantages of wired headsets: Wired headphones have better sound quality. Compared with wireless transmission, wire can give better sound quality. Although many people think the sound quality is more metaphys...Darllenwch fwy »

  • What is the USB C interface, USB-C knowledge popularization
    Post time: Nov-05-2020

    The full name of USB-C is USB Type-C interface, which is an interface specification consisting of Type-C plug and Type-C socket. The highlight lies in a slimmer design, faster transmission speed (up to 10Gbps), stronger power transmission (up to 100W), and the USB-C interface also supports double...Darllenwch fwy »

  • What’s so good about wireless chargers being so popular?
    Post time: Oct-30-2020

    I don’t know if everyone feels like this. The speed of wireless charging is slower than wired charging, but with a wireless charger, you can solve everyone’s worries about charging and keep your mobile phone fully charged at any time without worrying about shutting down. This is also the reason w...Darllenwch fwy »

  • Why are wireless chargers so popular?
    Post time: Oct-28-2020

    Wireless charging is a new technology in the 21st century. It uses different principles to transmit electric energy. Wireless charging technology caters to the needs of the times. The Internet of Things is connected to everything. It is complementary to 5G and accompanied by artificial intelligen...Darllenwch fwy »

  • What is TWS Bluetooth headset?
    Post time: Oct-23-2020

    To talk about TWS Bluetooth headsets, let’s start with TWS technology. TWS: Short for True Wireless Stereo, it means true wireless stereo. The realization of this technology is based on the development of chip technology. Technically speaking, it means that the mobile phone is connected to ...Darllenwch fwy »

  • How to choose a car wireless charging stand?
    Post time: Oct-11-2020

    Car wireless charging stand is actually a very important device for many people, but when we choose these devices, most people may also consider the actual situation, so we are in the process of actual purchase , How to choose a car wireless charging bracket, in fact, from the current situation, ...Darllenwch fwy »

  • Beth yw manteision codi tâl di-wifr?  Rwy'n gwybod ar ôl ei ddefnyddio
    Amser post: Medi-24-2020

    Dim ond un wybodaeth sydd gan lawer o bobl am godi tâl di-wifr: er mwyn osgoi'r drafferth o wefru ceblau. Ond nid dyma fantais fwyaf y gwefrydd diwifr, heb sôn am y gwefrydd diwifr ei hun yn dod â gwifren, nid yw heb wifren yn llwyr. Felly, beth yw'r fantais fwyaf ...Darllenwch fwy »

  • Beth yw'r mathau o daliadau di-wifr ffôn symudol?
    Amser post: Medi-14-2020

    Mobile phone wireless charging is actually more important to many people, but most people don’t know what kind of wireless charging is. We must understand when we make the actual selection. . Mobile phone built-in wireless charging terminal In the process of mobile phone wireless charging, it ca...Darllenwch fwy »

  • 4 prif bwynt i roi sylw iddynt wrth brynu gwefrydd diwifr
    Amser post: Awst-25-2020

    Mae cefnogwyr y gwefrydd diwifr wrth eu boddau, ond mae pobl eraill yn cwestiynu ei gyflymder codi tâl araf a'i bellter codi tâl byr. 4 prif bwynt y mae angen i chi roi sylw iddynt wrth ddewis gwefrydd diwifr: 1. Pwer gwefru 4 prif bwynt i roi sylw iddo wrth brynu gwefrydd diwifr: Y cu ...Darllenwch fwy »

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