2019 team building for July excellent staff.

2019 Team Building
Before 39 Years, Shenzhen was a small fishing village, it was a city which closed to the sea, but right now it hads been an amazing modern and high-technology city which famous with consumer Electronics. such as earbus bluetooth, USB C HUBs, headphones, wireless chargers etc. also here it has  the biggest Electronics plaza HuaQiangBei. Thanks to Master Mr.Deng.
Now Shenzhen looks like a passionate man with dreams. in Shenzhen it is hard to find some native citizens but the workers from everywhere in China even internationally. it is a very stressful city but nobody wants to say goodbye. as long as we came here it attracted the people by its green plant, living convenience, infrastructure, career chances ,locations. most importantly here have so many young people keep  pursing dreams,it always encourages people to fight for own dreams and never forgot who we are.if we got disappointed here always have people who could lead you to move forward.
We found a peaceful place to slow the life,have some drinks. it has the longest Coastline in shenzhen and Characteristic Residence,it makes us feel relax and get far away from city centre, team stay together for drinks,talking,swimming,also Team cooperated for BBQ .not only for this, but also pursing dreams together.
We love Shenzhen, We love our team. 
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Post time: Aug-16-2019
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