Macverin’s Best USB Type C Adapter for resellers.

Appreciated with our customer’s support who is from Costa Rica. they are a very famouse Ebay reseller who specialized with Electronics online selling  for Costa Rica and Chile Marketing. now they plan to invest more for local phone and computer accesories stores or whole-selling electronics to some other local stores.

Macverin with honor to be their partners in China.  Our first order with  Macverin’s hot selling U32 USB Type C adapter, W001 & W 002 Wireless charger  and after 1 month marketing testing all is going very well,  in further future we will sign the cooperation contract and take our innovated RD team to develop some more OEM/ODM cases which for special marketing.

Macverin always keep offering the customized solution for every partners in worldwide. U 32 USB TYPE C Adapter



Post time: Apr-04-2018
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