Corona-virus is outbreaking globally and we believe it will clam down soonest.

Since date 23th Jan, 2020, WuHan city’s urban public transport, subway,ferry and long-distance passenger buses have been suspended as corona-virus outbreak; citizens was forbidden to leave Wuhan, airport and railway station exit channel from Wuhan has been temporarily closed.

24th Jan. was New year’s Eve in China, this should be the most important festival in China normally, but as the corona-virus government announced to cancel all visiting and public activities until epidemic under controlled. Relatives missed best chance to gathering and celebrate New Year holiday.

During this duration, everybody followed government’s instruction to make best protection. Except the daily-life supermarket and the hospital, all other lines are closed.

Official holiday extended one week from 31th Jan-3rd Feb. In order to reduce people gathering.Then 2 more weeks work from home until the epidemic under control. Around 10% factory back to work on date 17th Feb. 80% back on date 24th Feb.

After resumption of work, all enterprises must prepare masks and infrared temperature-meter,disinfect water, medical alcohol just in case Suspected case seen during this period.

Until now the kids are still not allowed to back to school. Maybe in the middle of April.

The corona-virus have been controlled with 2 month’s efforts , the factories have back on track for manufacturing, production capacity is recovering step by step. 80% back in our team, Shops, restaurants, groceries all opened when approved by community management institution. Gardens, tourist spots will be open day by day.

Even corona-virus outbreak is fast, but it is not fear, masks , wash hands frequently , reducing public activity are good measures to help us get best protection and make it controlled globally soonest. No doubts this will affect economy but we believe it will recovery as long as we get it down.

We will wait good news coming together.

Post time: Mar-18-2020
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