Customer Review about 11 in 1 wireless Charging Hub.

8th July 2019

One customer from South Asia got the wireless charging docking station on hands today.(Monday) and sent the feedback to us, they like this exclusive design so much and asked a discount, the Macbook air original power adaptor is 30w, How can we charge the laptop and make all accessories working sync.?

Our engineer Paul told the customer if need to make all accessories and laptop charging at the same time we suggested to match with Minimum 60W power adaptor.

Below is the feedback from customer, more and more reviews about this product will come one by one.

Wireless charging hub customer review



Review from Romania.  Date:13th July 2019  Shop Seller.

USB-C wireless charge HUB is simply amazing! Firstly, I decided to buy  usb-c hub and I was interested in American product. I discovered the usb-c wireless charge hub and it impressed me from the beginning because of the extra-option it has and that is the wireless charger. Also, it got into my attention because of its circle shape and the possibility to rotate the hub. The adjustable and portable cable is a big plus too. I truly believe this is a great feature of this hub and as far as I know, until now, it is an unique product on the market! Moreover, it is made of very good materials and this aspect makes the hub to be of a high performance and very easy to use and to transport! I tried the following ports: jack port (output), the Ethernet (it works great!), the usb (3.0.) port (fast reading!) and the usb-c port (only input) which helps me charge my iPad pro 11 inch 2018! All in all, I truly consider this hub is the best on market at the moment and I encourage all the customs to test it and to buy (take into considerations that for the 11 ports that it offers! I would also like to mention the excellent support and communication with the company, Eunice is a reliable employee and she will answer to all your questions & issues! Very good job guys! Keep going like that! Congratulations! Thank you for this ”magical” product!

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Some Review from customers about wireless charging Hub, upated on date  4th Sep.

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