Is HongKong Safe for attending exhibitions in Otc.2019?

1 month later will be HK mobile electronics fair Autumn phase. maybe you are thinking about should I go? BoRun as a exhibitor also with same worry at the beginning. we talked with host and ask how do they think about the people flow this year. they showed us their HK brand co-worker daily living photos and said, do not worry. everything is going well there. Also shared there award plan to encourage buyer for coming.

We decided to visit HK personally before the show begin.  for travelling and having a look how it looks like there. and after we arrived HK, we got to be relaxed. if you asked us it is safety to come. the answer is Yes. why not. below are some opinions FYR.

Some points we think we could and should visit HK fair this year.

a. This year, 1st Otc. is the 70th anniversary celebration of China Birthday.China mainland and HK as a united country, that is not allowed anything unhappy to happen, we believe everything will be calmed down before the national day. 

b.In the past months, as protests activities it had heavily affected the economy of consumer goods and travelling income for HK. the government also wish to get everything clam down ASAP.

c. Global resource buyer department released large investment for visitor’s accommodation and flights to encourage visitors to come. 

d. Field investigation showed all is safety in HK, more secures in public areas. there is not problem for normal business and travelling purpose. 

e. the jewellery show just finished at HK, the people flow as much as previously years. 

f. More new designs will come at the show, it will enable you to get priority with some new designs and get good margins in return. such as us, we will take the new multi-functional 12 IN 1 wireless charge docking speaker to showed at 9G11.  this new product planned to be open for a few brand sellers, maybe for exclusive selling in some territory.

Anyway, Wish see you soon in Hk next Month, 18th-21st Otc. 2019. Mobile Electronics show. if you need any help for your HK travelling schedule just talk to us, we offer add-value free service to help you.


Post time: Sep-20-2019
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