Is the headset wired or wireless?

Choose wired or wireless headphones, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages


1. Advantages of wired headsets:

Wired headphones have better sound quality. Compared with wireless transmission, wire can give better sound quality. Although many people think the sound quality is more metaphysical, if you have experienced wireless earphones and wired earphones, you can still distinguish the difference to some extent-at least the sound quality of wired earphones is better now! Of course, wireless headsets continue to improve in terms of protocols, Bluetooth, etc., and it is not impossible that in the future it will surpass wired. However, the time may be longer.

The wired headset connection is more stable. Obviously, wireless headphones have many limitations due to the transmission principle. Such as distance, stability, synchronization, etc. Wired headsets have no stability and synchronization problems at all, because one line can solve all problems. But for wireless headsets, if you exceed a certain distance, you may not be able to receive Bluetooth signals; secondly, the stability is not as good as wired, and it is susceptible to other interference; for synchronization, as long as you use the wireless headset to watch the video and feel the sound and picture are out of sync You can experience it. Speaking of which, if the current wireless headset is used in the chicken game, you may crash. Wired headsets do not need to be charged. Charge? It does not exist. For wired headsets, you can listen to songs for as long as the phone has electricity. With wireless headphones, even with a charging box, there is no way to compare with wired.

2. Advantages of wireless headphones:

Wireless headphones are more convenient. Although the wired headset is stable and powerful, the wire is easy to twist. In many cases, when you take out wired headphones from your bag from your pocket, it must take time to squeeze the cord-because wired headphones are definitely the most knotted product in the world. Wireless earphones do not have this trouble at all, they can be taken out at any time and worn at any time, which is more convenient.

Wireless headsets have more functions. Wired headphones are mostly used for listening to songs in many cases, and there are few others. However, the current wireless headsets can already wake up language assistants such as Siri (more convenient wake-up), and some products also have translation functions, and even in the future, they can be connected to various sensors to obtain better wireless headsets to liberate hands and be truly wireless; In many practical scenarios, wireless headphones are more powerful, such as when going to the toilet, doing housework, playing on the computer and occasionally cooking, you can wear Bluetooth headphones, which can release your hands without being disturbed.

Wireless earphones are more suitable for sports: indeed, if you have tried earphones with cables for running, you know that cables are very annoying; but wireless headphones do not have this problem and can accompany you to better exercise.

If you want better sound quality and a more stable connection, wired headphones are your choice;

If you prefer to use it while exercising, and like various language assistants and possible sensors, then wireless headphones are better.

Post time: Nov-07-2020
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