New 12 IN 1 multi-functional USB C Docking will be launched at HK fair in Otc.

Exclusive 12 IN 1 Multi-functional USB C HUB+Speaker+Wireless Charger will be first launched.

Our exclusive 11 in 1 Wireless Charger Hub was first launched in April at HK fair, it is an amazing product and welcomed for the marketing, since June it had been sold well in the marketing, especially for US and European marketing. some heavy branded customer works on this product and get 5 star rating.

In Otc, Other new exclusive 12 in 1 Multiple-functional USB C HUB is planning to be launched at booth 9G11, Date 18th-21st Otc. 2019. it will be the unique design for high-end marketing and make life smarter.How do you think if a USB C HUB combine with Speaker and wireless charger all in one? we think it could save space, cost, and get more flexibility of laptops.(Macbook).

This will be an ideal solution for meeting room, video conference, multimedia teaching, Presentation, entertainment, movies,games.etc.

Please contact us to reserve evaluation  for the new type c docking proposal if you are interested with this concept.

Below are some references for last fair in April and we look forward to seeing you in HK in Otc. 

BoRun electronics in Hk fair cof

Post time: Sep-18-2019
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