• Wireless Charger Temperature Testing.
    Post time: Jul-18-2018

    W002 is a Wireless Charging pad that manufactured by Macverin ,Who owns the design patents for this best wireless charger in 2018! Original design and own factory enables us offer the most reasonable proposal for our partners.    While using wireless charger to charge phone, we always have ...Read more »

  • Macverin New Facility for Type C Adapter Production line.
    Post time: Jul-17-2018

    Thanks for all our customer’s support and with the business growth demands since 6 month ago we  planned for our new workshop and finally now it is ready and we plan to move at this weekend.  but the new production line will be set up well in August and then begin to work in September. The ...Read more »

  • How do you get Ethernet for your Mac-book computer?
    Post time: Jul-13-2018

    Normally nowadays Ultra thin laptops never come with an Ethernet this case, How do you add Ethernet to computer?we think the best way is using Type c to Ethernet adaptor. Perhaps WIFI is getting very normal in worldwide, where ever at home, office or public places. But let me assert that ...Read more »

  • How to get the most reasonable USB Type C adapter for your Notebook?
    Post time: Jul-10-2018

    Since Mac-book Pro appeared on the market,we always hears people that be boring with its limited ports. because it only with USB  C interface. in this case we have to use a USB type c hub for further extensions for mobile hard disk, computer video transmission to the TV or other external display,...Read more »

  • Macverin Design Patents for Mini Airpower Wireless Charger
    Post time: Jul-04-2018

    After 6 month finally the design patents about Macverin´s  Mini Airpower wireless charger have been released. thanks so much for all the customer´s support and make this wireless charging pad being the best selling one in the marketing. Mini Airpower is a wireless charging pad which compatible wi...Read more »

  • Macverin´s Iphone Dual Lightning Splitter design patents.
    Post time: Jul-03-2018

    Macverin C002 is a Dual Lightning Splitter Adapter with headphone ,earphone and charging functions for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus,Macverin owns the design patents for this products.  It can adapt to the latest iOS system automatically. such as IOS 10 and IOS 11....Read more »

  • All‑new glass design Wireless Charging Pad for Iphone.
    Post time: Jun-26-2018

    iPhone 8/iphone 8 P/ iphone X  introduces an all‑new glass design in 2017. Macverin Introduces the first unique glass design of wireless charger in 2018. It it launched on date 16th June and now is ready to sell in the marketing.  MACVERIN W-003 which with glass surfaces and Aluminum alloy botto...Read more »

  • Macverin New Generation Wireless Charger.
    Post time: Jun-20-2018

    Macverin New wireless charger W002 last week have finished updating. it is a quite reasonable wireless charging pad which compatible with iphone8/iphone X, samsung smart phone and apple watch. Complied with QI protocal. It will take 2 hours for full charging of apple watch, 4 hours full charging ...Read more »

  • What is the difference betweenThunderbolt 3 VS USB 3.1 Type-C port?
    Post time: May-28-2018

    The most exciting aspect of Thunderbolt 3 is its adoption of the USB Type-C connector. Type-C has a much smaller Z-height (about 3mm) than Mini DisplayPort (about 5mm), which in theory will allow Thunderbolt to make the jump to tablets and other small form factors. Ultra-thin laptops, such as the...Read more »

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