Precautions for using wireless charger

1.Please use original or 3C certified product for charging plug

As an electrical product, it is recommended to use the original plug, because it is specially developed for your mobile phone, and the charging speed is guaranteed, and secondly, the safety is guaranteed. In addition, other 3C products with the same parameters as the original plug can also be used with confidence. 3C certified products have requirements for safety from design to production, and safety is guaranteed. Because the use of inferior chargers causes explosions and injuries, there are too many things to mention, so I won’t say more here.

2.Whether the charging cable is correct

The same is true for the charging cable. It is best to use the original charging cable. The core material in the charging cable, the wire diameter, and the material of the metal contact piece of the charging interface, will determine the current that can be carried. After anatomy, the diameter of the inferior charging cable is obviously smaller than the national standard value, and there is no insulating protective film inside. If you choose a low-quality charging cable, the first is that the insulation performance is poor and the current carried is small, and the charging speed will slow down, which will seriously damage the battery, and even cause electric shock, fire and other accidents.

3.The first charge should not take too long

The first charge does not need to be fully charged for 12 hours, which is what old batteries need to do. The current cell phone batteries are basically lithium batteries or polymer lithium batteries. The first charge only needs to be charged as usual!


4.Number of charging

There is a saying: each cell phone battery has a fixed number of charging times, if too many charging times, will accelerate the battery aging strain! In fact, this is wrong. The number of times a lithium battery is charged refers to the full charge and discharge, so the on-time charge is the best.

5.New phone needs to be activated?

Using up all the power in your new phone and then recharging it requires three or four iterations, which is called activation. It used to be necessary for mobile phones, but now lithium-ion batteries are no longer needed.

6.Play while charging

According to the technical standards and the control of enterprise regulations, mobile phones and wireless chargers should be safe when used together, and there is no problem in making or receiving calls while charging under normal circumstances. However, the market is full of many inferior chargers, which cannot meet the safety requirements and are prone to soft breakdown and other risks. Therefore, users are reminded that they should not buy too cheap chargers, and it is better to choose 3C certified chargers and follow the 3C identification on the chargers. Therefore, if you use three-free products, you need to be vigilant while playing with the mobile phone. Poor charger, easy to die, and unexpected problems may be fatal!


In the battery safety test, the battery will continue to be charged for 7 hours under full charge, and the output voltage will increase to 1.06 times of the standard voltage. In addition, the battery has its own protection circuit, so there will be no danger and no explosion. But when it comes to bad batteries, it’s hard to say, as the Samsung explosion showed. So it’s best to unplug the charger as soon as it’s fully charged.

8.Charging without a cover

In order to protect the mobile phone we can’t live without, many people choose to wear a case for mobile phone. However, we do not know that lithium battery is very afraid of heat, it will be hot when charged, so it is best to take off the case to charge.

Post time: Aug-12-2020
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