Qualcomm BT 5.0 highend TWS earbuds in sell.

BoRun’s new TWS earbuds with multiple months’ effort finally it is launched on date 15th April. 2019. it is a highend TWS earbuds proposal with reliable Qualcomm chipset.fine chassis, comfortable in-ear design, also surface with plating metal.

what is the main features for Qualcomm chipset?

Qualcomm  CSR8675 support BT V5.0. this is the first CSR chipset with noise cancelletion technology and enable it to be the first audio solution which integrate ANC funtions.

Qualcomm CSR8675, a new SoC full integration feature, makes it unnecessary to configure an independent ANC chip, reduces the complex cost of active noise reduction technology in headphones, thus manufacturers is going to achieve good sound quality and noise reduction effect in smaller product designs.

Qualcomm  CSR8675 contains an upgraded version of the digital signal processor core. Compared with the previous generation of 80MIPS DSP, its processing performance is up to 120 MIPS. Therefore, the new Qualcomm CSR8675 can support advanced audio processing algorithms, thus providing enhanced audio performance with ultra-high quality.

In addition,  Qualcomm CSR8675 SoC supports 24 bit digital audio. The high-performance core enables devices based on CSR8675 platform to output high-definition audio, thus meeting the growing needs of high-end users.

Main feature

Support BT 5.0
Music:4-5 hours, Talking: 3 hours
Battery:33mha, Charging case: 400 Mha.
Functions: Receiving calls, hanging up calls, listening , music pause/play, voice number, tail number redial, caller number, intelligent voice prompt, power display, noise reduction

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Post time: Apr-15-2019
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