Top FAQ for Electrolytic Ozone water generators .

1. How long is the lifetime of the ozone water made by Electrolytic ozone generator?

A: Ozone water is pure and natural without any chemical additives and cannot be stored for a long time. It will be oxidized and reduced to oxygen in15-30 mins.It is recommended to generate immediately for instantly . The subsequent concentration will gradually decrease time by time.

P.S. If the container is sealed and we did testing, in 15 hours the ozone concentration will be reduced to 30% percent.

2.How long is the lifetime of ozone cell?

A: ozone cell/Ozone plate/ozone electrode’s lifetime reach to 500-700 hours.

3.Why ozone generator electrolysis stops working after a few seconds ?

A: The positive and negative effects of the anode and cathode in the water are used to produce ozone water through electrolysis ozone cell. If there are no minerals or trace elements in the water, the resistance value in the water will be too high and the product will not be able to produce ozone water.

For example: pure water, distilled water, reverse osmosis and filtered water lacking minerals cannot be produced. This problem can be solved by adding a small amount of edible soda powder.

Water source, TDS which higher than 70 is recommended, and higher TDS water will generate higher concentration of ozone produced. But for products with batteries, the relative power will be exhausted faster.

Be attention, reversed water is also not working with our electrolytic ozone generators.

4. How to clean the water ozone generator?

A: It can be diluted with 10% citric acid and clean water, soak the electrode/ozone cell of the product for 10 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

When ozone cell works up to 50 hours, the ca+. atom in the water probably will be sticked and in this case performance of cell will be reduced. if we do not clean it, we will have huge problems.

5.The concentration of ozone is related with operation time?

A: Normally the working time will affect ozone concentration. The bactericidal performance of daily bacteria reaches to 99.99%. Such as Escherichia coli.

In the meantime, water TDS value or water source also will affect ozone concentration.
6.Does it react with the residual chlorine in the water to produce harmful substances?

A: There will be no reaction. after generation it only has O2 atom and OH- in the water, and finally changed to O3 Atom and OH-.

If comparing with corona discharge ozone  air/gas generator, which produced by a general ozone air machine. It must be pressurized or aerated to blend it into the water. It takes a long time and the effect of blending into the water is not good. It will react with chlorine to produce harmful gas.

That is the advantage of ozone water generator, no residue and  recognized as the healthiest fungicide.

7. What is the principle of product sterilization?

A: The sterilization process is a biochemical oxidation reaction. Ozone can directly oxidize the cell body of bacteria, destroy its DNA to achieve an inhibitory effect. It also has a destructive effect on the RNA of the virus or oxidation effect on various toxins, which can reduce their toxicity.

Only take a few seconds and germs will get away.


Post time: Nov-24-2021
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