What are the advantages of wireless charging? I know after using it

Many people have only one knowledge about wireless charging: to avoid the hassle of charging cables. But this is not the biggest advantage of the wireless charger, not to mention the wireless charger itself comes with a wire, it is not completely without a wire. So, what is the biggest advantage of wireless charging?


The main reason is convenience. Nowadays, many people have the habit of charging their mobile phones by the bedside. Mobile sockets and various data cables have many potential safety hazards, and wireless chargers are much safer. This is one of the advantages, take a look at other advantages with the Turas wireless charger.

From the appearance, the surface of the Turas wireless charger is a silicone surface equipped with a fireproof PC. The double anti-slip performance allows the phone to be charged stably without worrying about being out of the charging range with a touch. There is a non-slip silicone ring at the bottom to enhance the stability and achieve the same charging stability as the data cable.

As for the convenience, the wireless charging board can be charged directly by putting down the phone. Nowadays, many people will not put down the phone until they can’t open their eyes. It’s a burden to plug in the data cable, and they may fall asleep directly and forget to charge, stretch out their arms and put the phone on the charging board. What a simple thing!

As for the hazards of electronic equipment to the human body that people are worried about, the Turas wireless charger has a magnetic isolation sheet inside, which increases the flux of the coil. The closed magnetic field is safer and will not interfere with the mobile phone signal. There is also a low-temperature fast charging function, low-temperature protection throughout the charging process, and it refuses the phone to heat up, making it safer to charge.

The most important thing is of course the charging effect. The Turas wireless charger has an independent large coil, which brings a stable charging effect. There is also a 7.5W fixed frequency chip. After the Turas wireless charger integrates the latest version of the IOS protocol , Realize 7.5W fixed frequency fast charge function for the latest version of Apple mobile phone. It can also intelligently identify various mobile phones, and can also realize 10W fast charging for Android phones.

Post time: Sep-24-2020
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