What make us to be one of the most popular exhibitor at the show?

On date 18-21th, BoRun’s team took part in 2nd HK mobile electronics show with all our USB C HUB Designs. but the most interested one is the 11 in 1 wireles charging hub that  first launched at the booth.

It is a patented design in the marketing and quite welcomed for visitors who is from USA/Europe/Japan and Korea. it is an amazing desktop office proposal to get all accessoreis connected, meanwhile support phone wireles charging( up to 10W).

The PD maximun support 87w power supply for laptops and rest accessories, VGA and HDMI support to connecte different screens for mirroring. USB 3.0 maximun get 500mha output for phone charging. or we could connect the drivers, disks etc. and get datas to e read.  in other hand, the bottom cable length support to customized. standard is 80CM,  push and pull design makes it  is very convenient to use or collect. or we could design the length as what we wish.

If we click following video we will see who is interested with this proposals and how it works.  so far the first batch sample have been all reserved on the show, the second batch sample is on the way. and we plan to do massive production and delivery it around the end of May.

It is another hot selling product designed by BoRun electronics and we have more interested ideals to explore it .let move forward.

Post time: Apr-25-2019
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