What’s so good about wireless chargers being so popular?

I don’t know if everyone feels like this. The speed of wireless charging is slower than wired charging, but with a wireless charger, you can solve everyone’s worries about charging and keep your mobile phone fully charged at any time without worrying about shutting down. This is also the reason why wireless chargers are popular. With the further development of wireless charging technology, wireless chargers have now appeared in many fields. Let’s take a look at it together.


1. Car wireless charging

When driving, it is inevitable to drive and navigate, right? Unless you are an omnipotent “master”. When driving, you can’t wait for a drop on your phone to indicate that you are not using enough battery before you remember to charge your phone? If there is a car’s wireless charging, put it there when navigating, and perform navigation while charging. After the destination, the power of the phone will be full. Save the trouble of carrying a charging cable with you. You don’t want to find a switching power supply when you get off the car and turn off your phone, right?

2. Work desk

Usually, when we are working, we often put our mobile phone back on the desk to continue working after reading the news or answering the phone. However, if you put the phone on the table, it will consume electricity. If you happen to have a wireless charger by your side, it will still charge when you put it back on the table. As a result, when you finish your work, its electricity is still full. If you are going out or on a temporary business trip, you don’t have to worry about finding a colleague to borrow a power bank. It can be said to save people’s worries about forgetting to charge.

3. Home bedside table

Before going to bed at night, you always like to play with your phone. Before going to bed, you also like to put it on the bedside table for charging. In this way, if you are not careful, you will keep playing on your phone until dawn. However, if you have a wireless charger by your side, put your phone on it before going to bed to charge it. If you lie down and want to play again, sorry, you can’t play while charging, so you will often think about it, forget it, charge it for a while, and you will fall asleep while waiting.

4. Restaurant Hotel

In hotels, restaurants, restaurants, etc., wireless chargers are introduced. When people are dining, everyone can put their mobile phones on the wireless chargers for charging; when staying in hotels, they have wireless chargers and don’t need to carry them with them. The charging head is up. It not only reduces the disturbance to people on mobile phones, but also helps people to eliminate low-quality social interactions.

5. Leisure places such as coffee shops

Recall that every time people go out, after the mobile phone is about to lose power, it is not to find the power plug and the charging area with the mobile phone charging cable, that is, to find the mobile power to charge, I think it is indeed a bit inconvenient. After having wireless chargers in a large number of leisure and entertainment venues, if you walk into a cafe, there will always be wireless charging at the table. If you turn around and leave, the power consumption will already be sufficient, let us save thousands The distress of searching hard.

Wireless charging is already a development trend. It also has some small advantages, such as no damage to the battery, protection of the telephone socket, safety, and no “wire”. After watching the above five scenarios, do you think wireless chargers can be unpopular?

Post time: Oct-30-2020
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