Why Ozone Water generator is more healthy than ozone air generator ?

Ozonated water  and ozone air are  the main factor of ozone technology in the marketing at this moment, why we say ozone water is the healthiest form for sterilization and disinfection?That’s because ozonated water doesn’t contain any residual but with 99.9% sterilize power for germs. even now ozone gas generator is more popular  in the marketing for various  application, but  it is not the most safest way.

Ozonated Water(PEM solid-state plasma membrane electrolysis technology )

Electrolytic Ozone Generation (EOG) is a new natural technology which produces pure ozone from tap water to instead of gaseous air or oxygen. With an electric current supply, within an electrolytic cell ozone is generated electrochemically based on reaction of anodic oxidation of water. The technology has been recognized worldwide as a simple and more efficient method of producing high concentration ozone without harmful residuals.


The electrolytic cell splits water into its basic elements, like -O and -OH, and then converts part of the liberated oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3).


PEM technology,No ionic contamination;

Extreme high concentration output,multiple operation time options;

Solid and durable long working lifespan, up to 500 hours.

Compact and portable design. Simple operation steps.

Why Ozone water?

Ozone water can effectively destroy the structure of bacteria and viruses through oxidation and cause their death. The sterilization rate is 600 times higher than traditional fungicides. Most importantly, after reduction,  it could applied for disinfection without residue and no secondary pollution.

It had good effect on following germs. Including but not limited to Candida albicans Clostridium difficile,Enterococcus faecium ,Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes ,Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Salmonella enteritidis,Staphylococcus aureus etc.

Ozone water is also good for sensitive skins , or for food, fruits, vegetables clean and sterilize,It can perfectly replace common hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), potassium permanganate, chlorine, bleaching powder, etc. These bactericides are slower than ozone sterilization, and other harmful compounds may be produced during the reaction process, causing secondary pollution or harmful to humans.

As a result, ozone water is more and more popular to be applied for food cleaning, fruits pesticide degradation. Household sterilization, dental clinic,personal care, medical fields and etc.

Apart from drinking water sterilize, ozonated water can deliver numerous other benefits. For example, it is possible to use ozonated water effectively for cleaning and disinfection purposes. On the other hand, ozonated water is quite popular among dentists as they go ahead and use it for dental purposes. This will help people to experience numerous other health problems, such as arthritis pain, digestive disorders, and migraines. Ozonated water is a natural treatment available for all these health problems. Hence, no person should worry about using ozonated water and experiencing the health benefits that come along with it. It is not associated with any side effects at all.

Due to the presence of ozone gas in ozonated water, it has the ability to kill bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens. Hence, this is an effective method available to clean and disinfect surfaces as well. For example, any person can place fruits and vegetables within ozonated water for around 15 minutes before preparing them. Then it is possible to get them cleaned without a struggle. Due to all these benefits, the popularity of ozonated water is skyrocketing!

What about ozone gas air generator , it is good for some industrial application, as its huge ozone power performance,but if for household or some other specific application for human care, it is not a good idea.  Commercially available ozone generators produce ozone gas in the air through high-voltage discharge, corona method or ultraviolet method. Due to the high temperature generated during the production process, the ozone gas easily fuses with nitrogen and oxygen in the air to form carcinogens (commonly known as nitrogen oxides). It is easy to cause harm to the human body.


Post time: Jun-22-2021
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