Wireless Charging Hub with fabric is ready to sell.

11 IN 1 wireless charging hub is ready to sell. @1st batch production is  in procedure. appreciated with all customer and partner’s suggestions and ideas. this enable us to offer a product which with best user experience. 

What we did for the final version?

Last PP sample all testing is good, execpt fan sound. some customer feedback to us and said it is too noisy. our engineer tried some options , such as change bigger fan with lower speed, enlarge the air ourlet for heat dissipation. but all is not working well.with our testing fan is necessary to help us avoid wireless charging heat and stop problem. let us see some details during our testing. 

Ambient temperature 26 degrees.
1. Without fan,10 ports Hub working, surface operation temperatre 38.5 degrees. (WORKING)
2. without fan,only wireless charger working, surface operation temperature 45-46 degrees. phone charging speed is quite slow. even dead.
3.without fan, 10W wireless charger +10 ports hub working, surface operation temperature 47.5 degrees.  wireless charging only works for 20 mins. 
4.WITH FAN, 10W wireless charger +10 ports hub working, surface operation temperature 39.5-40.5 degrees.

So considering all possibility. we finally updated the proposal which with phone detective funtion. this means only when wireless charging of phone works, the fan starts to work. it reduce the noisy time during application.

Most customer think this is acceptable and we passed this proposal as our standard option . right now it have moved to formal massive production. we wish this product could bring most values for end users when working with ultra-thin laptops in daily work. 

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If you are interested with this model evalution, please try to reserve as early as possible.



Post time: Jun-11-2019
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