Portable Electrolyzed Ozone Generator

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Portable Electrolyzed Ozone Generator  Most healthy O3 generators for  Dentistry, Beauty, Skin care, personal care, baby care.           

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Portable Electrolyzed ozone Generator 

Electrolytic ozone generators can instantly produce a high concentration of dissolved ozonated water and with no ozone leakage. This ensures that operator safety while using the ozone water to sanitize equipment.

Model Y3 ozone generator comes with a timer to support 2/5 mins operations. they could be used for different purpose with various concentration. 

this mini portable electrolytic ozone generators is good for the outdoor, retail, home appliance and commercial water purification applications, personal care, baby are, skin care etc, also Innovating new uses in medical & dental clinics for gum care, incision rinsing and implement sanitation.

Applications: including but not limited to

Tooth Decay,Periodontal Disease, Endodontics,

temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain,

sinus infections and lesions caused by viruses and fungi,

Dental clinics for gum care, incision rinsing and implement sanitation,

vegetables and fruits sterilize ,

skin care, personal care, baby care etc.  more details as below.

Tooth Decay:ozone's antibacterial properties may help prevent small cavities from growing larger in the pits and fissures on the biting surfaces of the back teeth. Additionally, ozone is helpful in disinfecting areas of decay underneath tooth restorations.

Periodontal Disease:ozone has shown promise in helping disinfect areas of chronic gum infection. A dentist can apply it directly to the gums as a gas or in oils or water, allowing the ozone to infiltrate the collar of gum that surrounds each tooth and any abscesses.

Endodontics:ozone may help disinfect the canal inside the tooth, as well as the tissues around the tip of the tooth root. This can help prevent the infection from spreading.

TMJ pain:showed that injections of ozone helped relieve symptoms in patients experiencing TMJ pain, indicating yet another potential use for ozone therapy.

Applications for dissolved ozone in water are to be limited only by the imagination

There are so many uses for a truly “green”, chemical-free disinfectant dissolved in water that the challenge becomes; how can your business take advantage of the many benefits to be gained in almost every aspect of beverage and food-preparation, health care, water purification, our E.O.G. make ozone from the water itself, eliminating the need for air pumps, venturi, air stones or micro-bubbling equipment.

Ozone is an oxidizer that can disinfect, i.e., significantly reduce the number of pathogens such as bacteria or viruses in the water. The ozone may also oxidize some dissolved inorganic contaminants, e.g., iron, manganese, which then may be filtered out of the water. The ozone may also oxidize some organics, such as pesticides and herbicides.


Product Name
Portable Ozone Generator
Main Ingredient
Air Purify, Sterilization, Disinfection, Fresh Keeping
Volume Capacity
Max. 500ML tap water
Cable Length
USB 1.5 Meter
Product Size
Ozone PPM
Operation time
2&5 mins
5V Low voltage electrolyzed water

Portable Ozone Generator ozone water generator skin care ozone generator ozone water generator ozone sterilizer babycare ozone Fruits ozone generator Portable Ozone Generator

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